Our Story

We are two stay at home mums from the Gold Coast, who met while living in London in 2011. 

Today, we have four children collectively, two each and one of each.

Alana is mum to Matilda and George. Liss to Evelyn and Harrison.

It was on one of our daily beach walks, four children in tow, that we began brainstorming Castle & Kite.  A conversation, inspired by an heirloom cradle made for Liss by her Dad over 30 years ago. We came to realise the lack of beautiful heirloom toys on offer for our children today. We particularly found it hard to find quality boys toys, namely push toys... so we decided to create our own range of heirloom toys to be adored today and for generations to come. 

alana and liss sitting on the couch

From the very beginning of our motherhood journey we have been passionate about playtime. It only made sense that our Bizmum journey would follow the same path. As we evolve our aim is to provide products, and content, that help parents promote early childhood development. Playtime is where our children LEARN, build confidence, develop vocabulary, find a sense of self and better understand the world.

kids doing craft on the floor

Today, we are slowly expanding our range and our most recent products are our craft boxes.

Kids love painting, designing and creating their own masterpieces but for of lot of adults this means preparation and chaos. Our craft boxes came about after talking to other mums who were feeling overwhelmed when it came to craft time. From our research it was clear that Mums were stuck for new ideas and were finding art and craft monogamous, messy, and quite frankly stressful.  As a result, many said they had stopped doing it.

So…. we decided to create craft boxes that will make this time FUN, EASY and ORGANISED! Our boxes are full of engaging activities that develop fine motor skills, encourage self expression and inspire creative thinking. Each box is themed so little ones can explore new and exciting topics that will generate curiosity and discussion.

Hugs and Kisses xoxo

Liss & Alana 

family pic