Wikki Stix

Wikki Stix are creative sensory fun at its best! These 'stix' are a combination of yarn and non toxic wax. They look like pipe cleaners. They stick to themselves, making it easy to create both simple and intricate 3D structures. Wikki Stix are great for fine motor development due to their soft and flexible make up allowing them to bend, twist and shape. Beyond the fun of creating with something unique and textured, Wikki Stix improves bilateral skills, visual processing, concentration, memory and spatial awareness. No mess, no paste and reusable!!!

Create letters and numbers, animals or people, the creations are endless.

Do you care for children with special needs? Wikki Stix are widely used for kinesthetic learning activities, for non-verbal expression of emotion, as well as pre-writing and fine motor skills.

We offer a variety of these awesome packs including: