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Music Craft Box
Music Craft Box
Music Craft Box
Music Craft Box
Music Craft Box
Music Craft Box
Music Craft Box
Music Craft Box

Music Craft Box

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Imagine craft time that is FUN, requires NO PREPARATION, is individually ORGANISED and has MINIMAL MESS!

This incredibly colourful box is a real jam session! With a range of crafty skills to explore from cutting to threading, constructing and collaging you’ll be busy building your own band of instruments.

Activities included in this box are: (6 Activities)

• Pom Pom Xylophone 

• Crafty Hand drum (threading & painting)

• Guitar construction (Painting, hand eye coordination)

• Threaded bell instrument 

• Make your own piano (cutting skills)

• Golden Collage Trumpet 

Whether you struggle to find 10 minutes of peace and quiet or you are simply stuck for ideas and time to prepare exciting craft activities…we have you covered!

We have created the perfect package for both kids and parents. Our craft boxes are full of stimulating activities that develop fine motor skills, encourage self-expression and inspire creative thinking. Each box is themed so your little ones can explore new and exciting topics that will generate curiosity and discussion.

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