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Pencil Grip Tips for Kids

Pencil Grip Tips for Kids

Learning the correct pencil grip not only teaches a good writing style but helps children hold a steady wrist so they can form and write clear let...
What is Process Art and why is it so important?

What is Process Art and why is it so important?

Process art fits in with how children learn because it allows them room to be themselves, make their own decisions, and just create!

small world with pine cones.

Open ended play experiences and how you can create this type of type of play in the home.

We are so happy to introduce our guest blogger, Erin from Celebrate Play.  Erin is a Mum, wife, Early Childhood and Primary School teacher and the ...
The Developmental Benefits of Threading

The Developmental Benefits of Threading

Threading with beads is the perfect activity for developing fine motor skills in young children. It increases concentration span, develops thinking skills, encourages the use of the pincer grasp between the thumb and forefinger and naturally strengthens the small hand muscles that are vital for holding a pencil to write with when they start school. 
Handmade Easter Envelope

Handmade Easter Envelope

I love receiving handwritten letters in the mail and you know who else does? Grandparents! Delight them this Easter by sending a handmade card from your little one.

Take our card activity one step further by making a handmade envelope for your child's Easter card (featured in our Easter Craft Box). Template for the envelope is downloadable here

three of our kids playing dress ups

Role Play: more than play

Dramatic play teaches children social skills, new vocabulary and develops communication techniques in a real and relevant setting that they can understand. When children take on characters they are learning about roles, responsibilities and relationships.

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Shark head art. Why do kids need art?

Why is art so important for kids?

The value of a child’s creativity is not in the final product but in the time, effort and process that it took to get there. Children are naturally creative, inquisitive and willing to explore – art is the perfect canvas for allowing freedom and self expression.
George and Harry - the namesakes of our wooden toys

5 Reasons to Buy Wooden Toys

Toys made of natural materials, like wood, nourish your child's senses and connects them to nature. What could be better for the Earth than a child who has an appreciation for the wonder of the natural world?
Alana and Melissa - Founders of Castle & Kite

The story so far...

The time has come! Our launch date is looming and we are SO excited to share our gorgeous products with you. We write to firstly say THANK YOU… ...
parenting apps to make life easier.

Top 10 Parenting Apps

Are you a new parent? Do you have a smartphone? You NEED these apps! Trust me.  I'm in a constant search for the perfect (free) app. I've compil...
Toddler activities to develop fine motor skills

It's raining, it's pouring...the indoors is boring!

It's been raining for quite a few days now on the so called sunny Gold Coast. If your kids are starting to go stir-crazy from being inside (like ...