Easy Peasy Valentines Day Activities

Easy Peasy Valentines Day Activities

We love any excuse for some crafty activities and seeing as Valentines Day is coming up we thought we’d share some of our favourites.

These activities can also be reused for other special occasions such as Birthdays, Fathers Day and Mothers Day. We’ve made it easy for you and linked the printables you require within the blog.

Australian Flag Printable

Free Australia Day Printables

Have some fun with your kids this Australia Day with our FREE printables. Teach them all about what makes our country so diverse and beautiful. Tag us in your pictures (@castle_and_kite) so we can see your kids enjoying our Australia Day craft.
The value of Art for children with Autism

The value of Art for children with Autism

Over the years the importance of art has become more apparent, allowing a person with autism to use art to express their emotions can be very beneficial overall. It is also a great sensory experience at the same time. 
small world with pine cones.

Open ended play experiences and how you can create this type of type of play in the home.

We are so happy to introduce our guest blogger, Erin from Celebrate Play.  Erin is a Mum, wife, Early Childhood and Primary School teacher and the ...
The Developmental Benefits of Threading

The Developmental Benefits of Threading

Threading with beads is the perfect activity for developing fine motor skills in young children. It increases concentration span, develops thinking skills, encourages the use of the pincer grasp between the thumb and forefinger and naturally strengthens the small hand muscles that are vital for holding a pencil to write with when they start school. 
Shark head art. Why do kids need art?

Why is art so important for kids?

The value of a child’s creativity is not in the final product but in the time, effort and process that it took to get there. Children are naturally creative, inquisitive and willing to explore – art is the perfect canvas for allowing freedom and self expression.
Toddler activities to develop fine motor skills

It's raining, it's pouring...the indoors is boring!

It's been raining for quite a few days now on the so called sunny Gold Coast. If your kids are starting to go stir-crazy from being inside (like ...
finger gym picture

11 Fine Motor Activities to Increase your Child's Success at School

Like all mums, I’m always trying to find new activities to keep my two toddlers busy and entertained. Choosing a few activities each day that focus on fine motor is a great start to enhancing these skills. It can be as simple as helping peg the washing, playing with pasta or painting rocks.