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Pencil Grip Tips for Kids

Learning the correct pencil grip not only teaches a good writing style but helps children hold a steady wrist so they can form and write clear letters and words.

I’ve found these tips to be helpful, so I thought you might like them too.
✏️ Give children ample opportunity to draw and colour while they are young. Do not be afraid to physically correct their pencil grips as they draw. Children often need to be taught how to hold pencils and crayons.
✏️ Provide short pencils and crayons for children to use. Kids may complain about drawing with crayons that are “broken”, but the short shafts force their fingers toward the tips of crayons, facilitating the development of functional grips.
✏️ Place a pom pom or another small item in between the last two fingers and your child’s palm. This will force your child to keep those extra fingers under and out of the way while they hold their pencil.
✏️ Tell your child to make the OK sign with their fingers. Tell them to open the circle a little and place the pencil in between their fingers. Then, tell them to curl their other fingers under.

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